Tradiio 1.0

UI (Website and iOS) + Front-End

Tradiio is a stock market game app, built for the long tail of the music industry, that allows people to discover great new songs while they playing. This project involved thinking about the user experience of listenning and investing in music. I designed both web and mobile ( iOS ) versions.

iOS App

Discover good and new music is amazing, in the first app screen you can swipe horizontally through a list of highlights and see the popular list tab opened. In this way it is created a good experience for the users, where they will see the most played and invested songs at first.

Landing Page

Designing an effective landing page is to decide effectively the weights of elements across the page. In collaboration with Friedrich Detering who created the amazing illustrations, we design the first landing page of Tradiio at May, 2014.

Some months later we decide to have a more efective and simple landing page, we went from 10% conversion rate to 20% with this no-scroll landing above.

Web Application

This is the final version of our web application, in early decisions the main goal was to do something that focus in the music first. With the invest button always present.

The things we left behind

I decide show some of them here.

Above you can now see a new structure, with a right side-bar and a example of a news feed.